Friday, February 26, 2010

Adding a New Roof on Our Lives

The house behind me is getting a new roof.  It was fascinating to watch them pull all the tiles off, peel up the damaged wood and start to re-apply the tar paper.  Tomorrow they will replace the tiles and no one will be able to tell the difference.  They have put a lot of work into something that no one will be able to see, but the next time it rains they will be glad they did.

I have noticed people tend to put a lot of work into what others can see.  Beautiful clothes, stylish hair, a big house and fancy cars are all like the tiles on the roof.  They are great dressing, but if there isn't a sound structure beneath them they aren't worth much.

Some people spend a ton of time working on the inside and forget about the outside completely.  They may be smart and well read but forget to comb their hair or wash their clothes.  The structure of a roof will not last long if the tiles aren't on top.  It will get wet and rot away from lack of protection.

I am one of those people who enjoy working on the inside and forget about the outside a little too often. I love to learn but I hate makeup.  I love to imagine and stretch myself, but I'm not fond of curling my hair.  I wonder sometimes if people are wary of me because I look a fright.

From the time I was small people have told me to "be myself" and ignore what others think.  That is nice to some extent but not really practical.  If you need a job the first impression isn't your stunning intellect, it is your appearance.  If you go on a date you may not have a chance to charm him with your sparkling sense of humor if you have yesterday's dinner between your front teeth.

Appearance is important, but it is the substance that holds it up.  My neighbor's roof looks great and now it also works great too.  When I decide to brush my hair I look good and have the intelligence to back it up.

I guess my point is this: Looking at only the inside and neglecting the outside is just as bad as going the other way.  To be a complete person you must be happy with the inside and the outside.  I know this is easier said than done, but worth it.  No one wants a leaky roof on their sparkling personality.


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  2. Wow. How come no one has every commented on this? This is very good stuff. Being able to reconcile substance and appearance is a hard thing to do, and you’re right that it definitely needs a lot of work, but it needs to be done. Very insightful!

    Neil Hirsh

    1. Thanks Neil. Glad you liked the post! Hope you come back to read more!

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    3. Will do Laura. :D Just read your latest post in fact. Would definitely take your challenge, but I don't know if I can get rid of my old books though. Glad someone else dropped by here and made a comment too.:D

    4. I have to admit, the old books were the hardest, and the books that have great sentimental value I kept. Where I used to have 4 full cases, I now have 1 1/2. I think that is progress! Thanks for following the blog!

    5. Welcome! Your posts are a good read.

  3. I agree with you. With a roof as huge as yours, I'm surprised to know that, in just one day, your roof installer was able to finish half of it. Great job! You might want to check if the shingles were nailed sturdily and in proper place. That's far more crucial than getting the job fast. Just sayin’. :)

    Linda Wise

  4. “Some people spend a ton of time working on the inside and forget about the outside completely.” – I totally agree with you, Laura. We must be aware about our “tiles on the roof” too. People tend to stay away from us when we don’t look presentable. Sad to say, but most people ‘do judge the book by its cover’. The outside is the initial contact, so if you want to fully connect with people, you must good on the inside as it is in the outside.
    Lue Madson