Thursday, February 4, 2010

Under Pressure

Tonight I went to a class about pressure cookers.  I wanted to see why it is everyone loves them so much.  While they look like a regular pan with a mean lid, I wondered what it was that made them amazing.

Well, I found out.  And boy did I find out.  Now I want one.  Maybe two.

So what am I supposed to do with one or two pressure cookers?  The obvious answer is cook in them.  I could make a lot of dishes in one pan in a fraction of the time.  I could make roasts in one hour, I could make stews in a few minutes.  I could single-handedly solve the mysteries of the universe in under half an hour.

Then why oh why did I leave this beautiful class with not a single pressure cooker in my possession?  That is a lovely question, and one I have a lovely answer to.

I am not yet worthy.  The cooking I do is not nearly exciting enough to warrant this piece of equipment.  Right now I am in the land of mac and cheese and canned ravioli.  My kids don't appreciate or even like "real" food.

Now there is the argument that if I provided "real" food they would be a bit more interested.  I'm not willing to risk it.

There is the other thought that my cooking might improve if I was to improve my tools.  I think that might be like buying the cute exercise suit to motivate you to exercise.  I haven't had that one work yet.

So I sat in the class and watched the ladies (and gentlemen) get excited about this amazing equipment which could slice/dice/make Julianne fries and all manner of other craziness.  I want the pressure cooker.  I know how I could use it, but will I use it???

So here I sit, in front of the computer, without a single pressure cooker to my name.  I will survive this.  I will learn more about the equipment and I will survive.  Just because I don't have a pressure cooker, even one which makes chicken soup in under 10 minutes, I will survive.  My soup may just take me 20 minutes instead, but I will survive.

P.S. Don't be surprised when you see the "I bought a pressure cooker" blog down the road.  I will increase my cooking skills and I will deserve a pressure cooker soon...oh yes I will. (Did I just sound entitled...?)

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