Sunday, February 21, 2010

Murphy's Law - I Really Don't Like Murphy

I have noticed family emergencies never check my calendar to see if I have time to deal with them.  In fact, if they do check my calendar it is for the busiest and most inconvenient period of my life.

This last week we were sick.  Kids may not be well known for sharing, but my kids are rock stars when it comes to sharing germs.  So we had fevers for 5 solid days.  That means no school.  Mom likes school.  Mom likes school a lot.

After missing a week of school who do you think gets sick?  Nope, not the  Yes me.  Murphy's law states that anything that can go wrong will.  Johnson's corollary was that Murphy was an optimist.  That being said, I found out Thursday my Grandfather had a stroke.

I am not trying to whine, I am just pointing out the obvious, things happen when we are least prepared to deal with them.  Somehow that is the way it works.  Just in case you wondered, I am not of fan of this particular rule of life.

My grandfather will be okay, my kids got over the cold and I am on the mend.  Monday will be a glorious day filled with school buses and regularly scheduled activities.  I can hardly wait.

The next time you think about getting prepared I challenge you to think about this rule of life.  If a little pre-planning can eliminate stress down the road I suggest you take the opprotunity.  What is that commercial...Life comes at you fast...I agree.

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