Thursday, February 11, 2010

How Did You Do?

Yesterday I issued a challenge.  I gave you 15 minutes to evacuate your home without your wallet.  What did you bring?

I heard from one reader who gave a nice list of items.  (Way to go Haze!) I was impressed her list was not long and made sense.  One thing she did not have on the list (and I forgot to mention in my reply) was medication.  If you will be gone for an unknown period of time you need to grab your medications in their original packaging.  It will be important to have your full supply and it is also handy to have the doctor's names and the pharmacy phone number.  (I will refrain from reminding you that information is also in your Prepared Binder, and since you obviously brought it with you that information is already close at hand...)

I heard of a church whose leader called the congregation out of the blue on a Friday afternoon and told them all they had 1 hour to be out of their homes.  Their assignment was to survive in their backyards for 24 hours without going inside their home or garage for anything.  Of the 150 families involved only 1 family could make it 24 hours.

I found it interesting they could not even do it in the relative safety of their own yards. Could you?

Have you identified what you use in a day?  Do you have a portable method of shelter? Do you have a way to cook food? Do you have activities to keep the kids busy?  Do you have a supply of toilet paper?

I thought about the families living in their roofs after Hurricane Katrina and I don't doubt the suffering.  Their homes were underwater and their belongings soaked.  If a group of church goers could not last 24 hours in their own yards how would they have lasted on the roof?

Anyway, thanks for taking the challenge.  The good news is I will not be calling to tell you to evacuate your home any time soon.  The bad news is someone in authority might.  Please be aware of floods, fires, other natural disasters and man made emergencies.  Have a plan and know what to do. 

Every kid practices fire drills in schools.  Drills save lives.  Think about setting up a drill for your family and see how they do.

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