Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My No Good Really Bad Hair Day

Today I had one of those moments.  It was the kind of moment for which a scream lodges in your throat and time stands still.  Yep, it was that bad.

Today was a get stuff done day.  I wrote out a list of "must accomplish" and have spent the week plowing through it.  Around lunch time my hair started to get annoying.  I have this really cute shorter hair cut but that means hair gets in my face, and that can be a problem when cleaning.  So what did I do?  I did what any normal person would, I tied it up on top of my head with a rubber band.

Remember when I said it was short?  Well short hair does not go well on top of one's head, so only the top half went up.  Normally this would be okay, even cute.  Today...not so much.  It was sticking up in every direction, was uneven, bumpy and sticking out at odd angles from my head.  It also looked like I had a peacock plume strutting forth from my head.  I promise it was not attractive.

I looked in the mirror and decided no one was going to see me, so what did it matter?  My 3 year old took one look at me and sat on the floor giggling.  Not a good sign I might add.  She laughed until she was having trouble breathing and then said..."Silly Mommy." She then laughed some more.

Completely ignoring the hair issue I started to clean.  In the process I forgot about the amazing "do" on my head.  I got a ton done, so things were good.

Mid afternoon the yard guys came.  They were not doing their jobs correctly and after keeping my temper in check for 6 weeks while they didn't do their job I went out to confront them.  I was upset and explained in great detail why I wanted them to do the job the correct way.

They stared at me with odd looks on their faces.  At the time I thought I was just doing an amazing job of getting them to see things my way.  I wasn't yelling but I was insistent.  I finished my instructions and turned around to go inside.  As the door closed I heard them start to re-trim one of the bushes and I smiled.

As I went to wash my hands I looked in the mirror and gasped!  No wonder they were re-trimming my bushes.  They were afraid of me.  They had to be sure I was mentally unstable after looking at my head.

Here is where the silent scream went out and time stood still.  I was so embarrassed.  Worse yet, there was a team of guys outside all my windows.  They knew the crazy lady was in the house.  Aaack!  My eloquent speech about doing the job I paid them for was reduced to them staring at my head and wondering what animal had crawled in there and died.

So now I am upstairs hiding.  I am thinking about staying in the house until I rot from old age.  I am not a vain person normally.  I rarely put on make-up or dress up.  I do not however go in public looking like this.

Maybe the next time they come I can wear my fuzzy bunny slippers.  At least then they will know I am insane, not just worry about it.  Ahh well, they say pride is bad, and now that I don't have any left I guess I can get on to working on my other shortcomings...

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