Monday, February 7, 2011

Motivational Monday #34 - Feel the Pain and Do It Anyway

Some days you wake up and feel like dog doo. Some days you wake up and feel like death warmed over. Other days you may even have the privilege of being awake when you realize your body is not your friend.

If you have ever found yourself in this position...and who hasn't...then you know there are a few choices you have to make. After assessing what is really wrong and doing whatever responsible thing is needed to take care of yourself, you need to decide how to handle the fact you don't feel well.

I am a fan of staying in bed and sleeping. If I am forced to fess up I will admit that there are times I hope to get sick so I can sleep for a few days. (Is that evil or what???) As we all know, there are times when that just isn't a choice we have. Some days we have to get on with our lives even if we are in pain and miserable.

Some days we have to feel the pain and do it anyway.

Knowing that we all go through this, it only makes sense to have a plan. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it should be a big plan...I mean really, who wants a big plan when you are sick? I just think we need to know how we are going to handle it when we are down and flat out.

Unfortunately, I have had a lot of opprotunity to practice this concept over the last few months, and here is what I have come up with:
  1. Minimize - Now is not the time to add to your list of things to get done.  Only do what can not be put off for another day.
  2. Prioritize - Start doing what must be done in order of importance or deadline.  That way, if your energy gives out you will have taken care of the most important items.
  3. Rest/Repeat - Don't push too hard.  In the long run you will be down longer if you exhaust yourself.  Taking time to heal your body should be on your to do list...right at the top
Now that we have that out of the way, we all know there are times we have to suck it up and take care of business, no matter how sick we are.  I suggest following the previous rules, do the smallest amount possible and conserve energy. Get in, get it done, and get out.  When you are healthy everything is easier and your productivity will be back to normal.

So go get 'em tiger...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Right now the United States is experiencing one heck of a winter storm. 33 states are having heavy snow and the others are just downright cold.  I am looking out my window watching the wind whip and pull at the trees and still feeling the bone chiling cold from when I went out earlier today.

I know most of us just want to wrap up, stoke the fire and enjoy a nice cup of coco, but we probably are not getting the chance to do that. We have responsibilities to take care of, little details like going to work and taking care of our families.

Prepared Binder is probably the last thing on your list right now, but here is why it should be at the top. When winter storms hit with this amount of force, stuff happens.  It may be damage from the snow, accidents from bad driving conditions, or the need to evacuate after prolonged periods with out electricity or heat that forces you to deal with an emergency.  Having all of your important information in one location can be vital when getting the help you need.

I knew a lady a few years ago who had to drive almost to Florida to escape the cold and find a place to stay after a horrific snow storm shut her town down.  She was gone almost two weeks before it was safe to return. In that time she needed to contact family, insurance companies, her creditors and her financial institutions.  She had to enact her evacuation plan, gather her supplies and get out of town quickly and safely. 

If you have never evacuated you may be unaware of what you need to take with you. If you have never needed emergency medical treatment, you may be unaware of what information you need to provide. If you have never been separated from your community, you may be unaware of the details to take note of.

Prepared Binder is designed to make the entire process easier, and maybe even a little calmer.

While I hope each of you have a warm and cozy place to ride out this intense storm, if you find yourself needing to evacuate, please take the time to gather your important documents, phone numbers, financials, and emergency equipment.  Be safe, and find shelter soon. May we all weather this storm without incident.