Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spring in Phoenix Comes Early

I know most of the country is buried in a few feet of snow, but my house has nothing but sunshine.  Today I opened the windows, felt the breeze and enjoyed the sounds of kids playing in the yard.

To make the day completely frivolous I kept my PJ's on until 4 pm and refused to look at the laundry piling up around me.

I love lazy days.  I love days where expectations are at a minimum and rewards are at a maximum.  The rest of the week is packed, but today was calm.  I loved it.

Recharging the personal batteries can take many forms.  I love quiet.  I love noise of my choosing.  (Notice I said "of my choosing." That is a key part of it because there are plenty of noises I don't love.) I love the smell of a slight breeze coming over the landscape.  I love the light that filters in my house from open windows.  I love walking into a clean bedroom with the beds made and the smell of flowers floating through the space.

While I'm at it, I love this time of year.  It is lovely outside and the smell of winter fades to the smell of spring.  I am one very happy lady.

So what is it that recharges you? Is it spring or is it something else?  It doesn't matter what you find exhilarating, it is just important you find something.  I feel relaxed today.  I feel restored.  Now I just need a nice comfy pillow and a long rest.

Editor's Note: You will not hear me extolling the virtues of summer.  It is way too hot and while the rest of you are enjoying the lazy days of summer I will be hiding in my air conditioned house. So don't feel too jealous if you are buried in snow right now.  You can point and laugh at me in a few months.

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