Monday, September 20, 2010

Motivational Monday #19 - We Have Hit 200!

It is true, we have hit our 200th blog entry.  Now I know you have read each and every one...but if you didn't, I have included links to a few of my favorites below:

The things I have learned from this blog are as follows:
  1. Thinking about being prepared all the time can be exhausting.
  2. Thinking about being prepared does not actually make you prepared, even if you are exhausted.
  3. Being prepared can be as easy or as hard as you make it.
  4. A lot of people are afraid of getting prepared.
  5. Many people wish they had been prepared.
  6. As the world becomes more uncertain, people become more concerned, and thus want to prepare for that which concerns them.
  7. A lot of information can fit into 200 blogs.
  8. I didn't know I had 200 blogs worth of things to say.
  9. You may still think I don't have 200 blogs worth of meaningful stuff to say.
I think it is only fitting the 200th blog happens on a Motivational Monday.  It is very motivating to know I have accomplished a lot thus far, and will continue to accomplish more.  So here are a few of those links I was talking about... 

Motivational Monday #1 - The Safe Place

My Grandmother's Greased Squirrel

Adding a New Roof on Our Lives

My Life in the Junk Drawer

Thank you for hanging around for 200 blogs.  I hope we can enjoy many more together!

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