Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Responsibility and National Emergency Preparedness Month

To paraphrase a great quote, "Some people are born responsible, and others have responsibility thrust upon them..."

I remember the day I realized I was a mom and no one was going to do that for me.  I was sleep deprived, emotionally drained and overwhelmed.  At that moment I realized I was in this for the long haul.  I had definitely had responsibility thrust upon me.  I hear parenting can do that.

One of the responsibilities I have, besides raising kids, cleaning house, preparing food and driving taxi service for the kids, is to prepare them for emergencies.  Things like knowing their phone number, their address and their parent's names can be the difference between safety and crisis. The last I checked, averting crisis to the best of my ability is also a responsibility I have.

Responsibility can come in many forms, but when it comes to emergency preparedness we each have a responsibility to ourselves and those we hold dear. You have heard the phrase, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure..." well it is true and important to remember.

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month.  As a nation we remember September 11, and vow to never experience the trauma again.  While most of us cannot personally change foreign policy or direct armies, we can prepare ourselves and families.  We can learn important skills such as first aid and we can establish a family disaster plan. We can record our plans and practice them until each family member knows what to do.

We can take responsibility for our preparedness, and we should.

So take the time this month, while you are reminded frequently, to prepare your family.  If you are overwhelmed, then start small, but do something. Being responsible for your own welfare and safety is an important step towards overall preparedness.

Just remember, you can choose to be responsible now or you can have responsibility thrust upon you later.

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