Monday, May 3, 2010

Motivational Monday #1 - The Safe Place

I am the kind of person who needs to be motivated.  Sometimes I need a small push, other times I need a bolt of lightening.  I thought you might be the same, so I am going to start having Motivational Mondays.

Here we go...Motivational Monday #1

I know a lot about my "Safe Place."  I know it must be huge to hold all of the things I put there.  I also know it must be secure because everything seems to stay safe.  What I don't know is where it is.

You might think this is a problem, and it is.  My "Safe Place" is a great abyss for which I put important items and never see them again.  I theorize that everyone has a safe place and that all safe places eat items just like mine.  It is kind of like socks in the dryer.

So I am challenging you this week to identify a NEW (not so mysterious) safe place to put your documents.  If it happens to be your copy of Prepared Binder - Home Edition, great.  If not, find a location and start a new safe place.

Here is what makes this safe place different from your other safe places.  You are going to document where it is.  Yes, in fact you are going to write it down. Put a note in your blackberry, add a note to your calendar, send a text to your phone.  Anyway you want to do it, you are going to remember where this safe place is.

As you find other safe places with stashes of important information you are going to relocate things to this new and improved safe place.

If nothing else in your life gets organized I want your safe place to be something you can find.  I know it is a small step, but an important one...You can do it!

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