Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What Are Your Potential Emergencies?

When it is time to talk about emergency preparedness people get nervous.  I understand no one wants to borrow trouble, but there is a fine line between "thinking happy thoughts" and ignoring the potential for problems.  Given the choice, I want to be prepared.

In order to prepare, you need to know what you are preparing for.  So today we are going to make a list.  Obviously I don't live where you do, so you will need to expand the list for your area and circumstances.

List of possible emergencies:
  1. House Fire
  2. Theft
  3. Car Accident
  4. Medical Emergency
  5. Lengthy Illness
  6. Hurricane
  7. Flood
  8. Tornado
  9. Ice Storm
  10. Wildfire
  11. Optional or Mandatory Evacuation
I have to admit, looking at this list does not make me want to sing a happy tune, in fact, it is downright scary.  That said, each of these items can have an actionable plan to smooth over the craziness of the situation.

When identifying the plan, it is important to know who you are planning for. If you are single, then the plan is all about you.  If you are married, have kids, have roommates, are responsible for a parent or grandparent, or have pets, the plan may get a little more complicated.

In the days to follow we will talk about making a plan and what you need to consider.  Of course, all of these plans require paperwork, and as a shameless pitch, I will remind you Prepared Binder is an easy and organized way to get all of the paperwork you need ready to go.

So tune in next time when we talk about the items on the list.  Hopefully you will never need to use these plans, but you will feel better knowing you have them. Oh, and if you have any generic plans you would like to share, hit the comments section and tell us all about them!

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