Friday, September 24, 2010

Frantic Friday #1 - The Paper Pile

As promised, here is a short, not so amazing, but hopefully very helpful idea to help keep your home organized.

I think everyone has at least one paper pile in their home.  Most people probably have many.  A few years ago I hired a professional organizer and here is what she told me: You are too organized!

I did giggle a little bit, but she was right.  I had so many steps involved to be organized that I was constantly in the middle of it.

My paper pile is a stack of stuff I need to deal with some other time.  Unfortunately all sorts of important stuff gets mixed in with the junk.  My organizer's solution? Make it simple.  Now I have a short basket on the counter where I come in the house. I can dump the mail in this basket to deal with later.  On the counter by the files I have two boxes.  One fits a regular paper size, the other is slightly smaller.  The big one gets bills I have paid, the smaller one is for receipts.  I no longer file each bill by type.  Now they all go in the box.  This makes them in order by month and I can find what I need, if I need it.

I have to admit, being less organized can have its benefits.  In this case the benefit is that I actually do it.  Amazing!

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