Friday, September 3, 2010

Date Night - A Chance to Remember What is Important

Every so often it is good to do something light hearted and fun.  For me, that is date night, the night for which kids stay home, parents go out, and stress levels get reset.

I have heard marriage "experts" talk about the need to have a date night with your spouse for years.  I used to be good at it, but over the years the craziness of our lives boarded up the doors and wouldn't let us out.

Last night that changed.

As I sat there with my sweetie I realized how much we needed the time to be adults, not just parents.  We needed the time to talk and laugh without breaking up a fight, telling someone to chew with their mouth closed or to get to the potty before it is an emergency...

I think many of us forget about taking care of ourselves.  We get caught up in our daily routines and just keep going.  While I am a fan of routine, too much routine can be bad. Having a break can help reset our minds and give us a fresh perspective on many important things.

Resetting ourselves can also motivate us to finish what we started, preparedness, for example. How many of us start out with good intentions, but get sidetracked by the routines of our lives?  Don't worry, it isn't just you, it is most of us.

So find a way to get a change of perspective, to renew yourself and recommit to the things that are important.  You will find satisfaction not only in the break from routine, but also in your increased desire to finish what you have started.  For me, I am off to clean out my office, a project worthy of another date night.

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