Wednesday, November 17, 2010


When people talk about trials I am always amazed by the difference in perspectives.  For some people trials are categorized as painful, trying and destructive.  For others, trials are described as learning opprotunities, stepping stones to greater understanding, or increased perspective.

I guess trials are all of theses things and more.

Some trials are unexpected and difficult to navigate, but others may be categorized by nothing other than lack of planning.  If you know you will be in a car with a child for hours, pack activities, or your patience will be tried as they whine and complain.  If you are moving, pack your essentials with you, or you may find yourself without toilet paper and underwear. If you are heading out on a long day of errands, get gas, or expect to sit by the side of the road.

Now obviously there are many trials that don't fall into the "plan ahead" category, nor is it possible to plan for every trial that does. But in a world where so many things are out of my control, I choose to take control of that which I can.

For that reason I plan, and for that reason I prepare. Someday it will matter, and someday my preparation will pay me, I planned for it.

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