Monday, November 22, 2010

Motivational Monday #26 - Thanksgiving Motivation

It is hard to be motivated when you are tied to the railroad tracks waiting for an oncoming train. While you might argue I should be motivated to get off the tracks, that is not an option and I must embrace the train...or in this case the impending holiday season.

If you are noticing the lateness of my post, then you will know exactly what the rest of the week will be like. In fact, you will know what the rest of my holiday season will be like.  It will be crazy and I will be running just to stay caught up with what I should have done already.

Have I depressed you yet?

On this Motivational Monday, I would suggest we each find joy in the doing, and not the finishing.

Today I spent and entire day with friends.  I laughed, I joked, I giggled, and then I laughed some more.  At no time did I do laundry, plan meals for the holidays, or even try and organize anything.  I just enjoyed the moment. 

In the end, I am positive I accomplished more than I ever have before.  What a great day!

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