Friday, November 26, 2010

Frantic Friday #6 - Where Am I Supposed to Be?

Keeping track of my own life is hard enough, but keeping track of my whole family can be tough.  I know many people have this same issue, and I have seen many solutions for the problem.

For most people, a master calendar works wonders.  In my house, I am the master calendar keeper and I choose to keep an electronic calendar.

One of the best parts of an electronic calendar system is that I can send meeting requests for dates and times to other people. For example, when my husband has to be home early, I send him a request telling him what time he needs to leave. When he accepts the meeting onto his calendar his time is blocked out and he sees it every time he looks at his calendar. Viola! No more, "I didn't know!" in our family.

Not everyone has access to this feature, so I would suggest finding a system that works for you.  It may take time to get used to the concept of keeping everything on one calendar, and it may take some time to organize it, but I promise it will be worth it.

Just because I am nuts, I color code the things we are doing.  I have a color for my activities and each member of the family.  I have a color for doctor appointments and travel time to and from events. At a glance I can see what types of things are going on and plan my day to make it happen.

With the new year coming up, take the time to find a new calendar system. Put the effort into making it work for you, and maybe, just maybe you will find yourself a little less frantic in the coming year.

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