Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Eating Elephants

When I was a teenager I remember my dad asking me how I would eat an elephant.  I think I made a face at him and decided he really was loony.  Then he offered these sage words, "One bite at a time, of course." 

As trite as this expression may be, it really is true.  Eating an elephant, or in my case, cleaning the garage, really is a "one bite at a time" sort of thing. (A back hoe wouldn't hurt either.)

Very often we get caught up in what is overwhelming about a situation and can't see beyond the big elephant foot in our way.  We forget that as intimidating as the elephant is, he is afraid of something as small as a mouse. 

Every big problem/mess has a solution, but nothing will be accomplished if we are paralyzed by fear.  Taking the first bite can be the hardest part of the solution.

So go out there and eat an elephant.  I know you can do it.  And after you have, you will be so proud of yourself.  (If not a slight bit bloated...)

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