Monday, November 8, 2010

Motivational Monday #24 - Get Involved

Every day we are presented with numerous choices and opportunities. Some of these decisions lead to good results, and others...well, not so much.

One of the decisions I made in my life was to be involved with the things I care about. So I participate with my children's school and volunteer time with kids.  I lend a hand at church, and I spend time with friends and family.  I also look for causes that mean something to me and donate my talents to further their mission.

Don't think I am trying to tell you I am a saint, because I am not.  I just realized a long time ago that no man is an island, and if I want to feel connected to the world around me I need to participate in the world around me.

As this is a Motivational Monday post, I want you to think about what it is you feel connected to.  Is it the kids, or a charity?  Is it a church or a community group?  Whatever it is, figure out how to help the organizations you love.  Not all support comes in the form of writing a check.  Most support comes from donating time and talents.  Sometimes stuffing envelopes, or answering phones is more valuable than your money.  Working with kids, or even just being a warm body at the door can be a valuable contribution.

Figure out where you want to place your energy and go do it.  Getting involved will take your mind off of your life for a little while and put it on the lives of those you serve. It will expand how you think and will put a lot of things into perspective.

Go and do. You'll love it!

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