Monday, August 30, 2010

Motivational Monday #17 - Little Moments Make Memories

Memories are a strange thing.  It is hard to set out to make a memory.  You can try, and maybe succeed, but chances are the memories slip in unexpectedly.

Think back, what do you remember in your life?  Was it big moments or silly little things you never planned? I have a few cherished memories, and none of them were planned, they were all spur of the moment silliness.

Tonight we played cards with the kids.  This was a little risky because not everyone is old enough to grasp the concept of the game Uno.  As we played we started to giggle, and even chortle.  By the end we were cracking jokes, heckling each other and guffawing.  After an hour of play we had no winner, but almost every card was in my hand.  We ended the game by seeing who had the fewest cards, and declared the youngest the winner.

I realized in the middle of the game that I will remember this evening in my favorite moments catalog.  It will be stored away and cherished.

As today falls into the Motivational Monday category, today I challenge you to think about those moments in your life.  Find things to cherish.  It could be a silly activity, or an unplanned surprise.  It could be a stolen moment or long awaited reunion.  Either way, take the time to think about it.

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