Monday, October 4, 2010

Motivational Monday #20 - Preparing the Least of These Things

Very often we look at preparation as the big stuff, and don't get me wrong, the big stuff is important.  Having food, shelter, money and a plan is essential to emergency preparedness.

Sometimes, however, it is time to look at the least of these things, in other words, the small details.

Let's start with food.  While as a whole, food is a big deal, the details of the food are also important.  Do you have food storage you can eat?  Do you know how to cook it?  Does your digestive system know what to do with it?  Has it expired?  Do you know when it will expire?  Can you transport it?  Do you know what is the most important part to take with you?

Now onto shelter. Do you have portable shelter?  Do you know how to use it?  If it is a tent, do you know how to put it up, how to stake it down, and do you have the correct tools stored with the tent?  If it is a mobile home or trailer, do you have fuel, do you have tools and do you have a map with acceptable locations to stop and sleep?

Money is one of those things we have at our fingertips everyday.  With credit cards, ATM machines and paypal accounts, few of us carry much cash.  In an emergency, cash may very well be king.  Do you have any at home? Have you calculated how much you need to get your family to safety?  Have you doubled that amount to account for emergency prices? Do you have it in small bills, as the standard $20 may be more than you want to pay for a good or service in an emergency when change is scarce.

A plan is an important part of the process, but how detailed is your plan?  Do you know what road you would take to evacuate in each direction? Do you have supplies identified and purchased?  Do you know first aid and CPR? Do you have supplies for pets?  Do you know what neighbors will need your help? Do you have a way to contact loved ones? Do you have your information ready to travel with you?

I think I may have just overwhelmed you, but that was not my intent.  You have heard the term, "the devil is in the details." Well, I would put forth that really the saying should be, "Peace of Mind is in the Details."

After getting your basics roughed in, it is time to look at the details one by one.  Hopefully you will never need to use those details, but how wonderful it will feel to be prepared!

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