Monday, March 22, 2010


Every so often I run into someone who has a copy of Prepared Binder.  That is a good feeling.  It is even nicer when they tell me how it has helped them.  I know it is my business to sell Prepared Binder, but I like the feeling of helping people to.

I got to thinking that some of the greatest rewards in life come from helping others.  Case in point is when I had the chance to do service projects as a teenager.  I always walked away dirty, tired and hungry, but strangely content.  Helping others just changes the way you look at things.

I am sure all of you have heard about the latest earthquake in Chile.  I had the chance to live there when I was younger and I know of the places in the news.  I have seen news articles talking about the places I hung out when I was there.  It is a little odd to know they are not the same as when I left.  Buildings have fallen down and people have died.

You may wonder what the two ideas have in common, and the answer is simple.  Helping other people and living within a different culture allows you to take a look outside yourself and see things you may have never known were there.  I have learned a few very important lessons by being out of my comfort zone.

The first lesson is this: People are people. We are all the same.  Income levels, styles of living, food choices, family situations and education levels are all meaningless details we use to separate ourselves from others.  When it comes down to it, people are the same.  We have the same hopes, the same fears, the same love for family and friends, and the same goals.  People are people.

I have also learned that humility is a good thing.  I am constantly amazed by how many things I own, how many things I want and how hard I work to get them.  When serving others and living in a different culture I was shown time and again that things don't matter, people do.  I have seen those who have so little sharing with their neighbors while I try to hold on to my belongings.  When I look around I realize I don't need what I have, in fact it keeps me away from other things I love.

I think all of this can be summed up by perspective.  Serving others gives me perspective.  It reminds me where I am, where I want to be and that my life is not the hardest/worst/most obnoxious.  So I encourage you to go out and get some perspective.  You may not need to do a service project or live in a foreign country, but find a way to get a little perspective of where you are in life.  It will be worth it...I promise.

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