Friday, March 5, 2010

Invest In Someone Else's Life

I love it when I see a child learn a new skill.  Every so often I talk about volunteer work, and today looks like another chance for me to tell you why I love it.

Over the last few weeks I have watched a group of kids learn about tools, construction and design.  They have learned to problem solve and to work as a team.  When they are done they will have built a vehicle, not an automobile, but a vehicle, out of spare parts and imagination.

Hopefully when they are all done the vehicle will work.  That would be a nice bonus.  But even if it doesn't they have learned a lot.  I have watched while they discussed, attempted, messed up, and tried again.  They have designed, redesigned and then started over.  They have spend long days and long nights making it work.  The vehicle isn't done yet, but it is close...very close.

The best part for me is the growth I see in them.  They have come so far.  The time I have invested in them will stay with them forever in the form of skills, experience and confidence.  As return on investment goes, I found a winner.

Did I mention I love to volunteer?  Try'll like it.

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