Friday, March 12, 2010

2010 Census Is On Its Way.

Many months ago I spoke about the 2010 census I just wanted to remind those of you in the United States it is coming soon.

In my spare time I am a genealogist and the first research method is the local census.  Failing to fill out your mailed census forms will get you two things: 1) a visit from a U.S. Census worker, and 2) a swift kick to the behind from future generations trying to do research.

Remember the information is not released to the public for 72 years, and while I hope to be alive for many years, I doubt I will be alive to see its release.

This year the census form will be short and sweet.  I know it may seem like one more thing to do, but it is so much more.  You are recording yourself in history.  You are adding your family to the legacy of our country and its heritage.

A few of you may be concerned about privacy.  The information they are asking for is already out there.  They need it in one place on the census to spread out government services, but most importantly government representation.

So find yourself a good pen/pencil, take a seat, and become part of history.  In case you wondered, this is my official plug for the census.  I promise you future genealogists will thank you.

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