Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Being Prepared - Our Kids Depend on It

All parents want to be there to love and protect their children.  They want them to be safe and they want them to feel secure.

What happens if you aren't there to provide security for them?  Do your kids know what to do?  Do you have a plan written down to get them from you being gone to them being safe?

I am not just talking about death, I am talking about accidents, mishaps and even traffic jams.  Do your kids know what the plan is?  Do they know who to go home with, who to call and who to trust?

In today's world of TV, internet and 24 hour a day access to information, our kids know more about world events than we did at their age.  They are aware of disasters and can easily feel the insecurity created by emergencies around the world.

As parents have we created a plan for them and do they know their part?  We may have a guardian assigned, but do your children know who to call?  Do they know phone numbers and addresses?  Do they know you have provided for them?

As I write this I know I am touching on the fears of many parents.  I suggest you face those fears and take action.  Help you kids feel part of the solution and let them be part of the plan.  Write the plan down and give your kids the sense of security they need in this sometimes scary world.

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