Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Mommy Monster

Tonight I was the Mommy Monster.  It happens every so often and it is not pretty.  I have determined the recipe for my Mommy Monster to make an appearance is a delicate mix of stress, mess and disobedience.  Tonight we had all three in spades.

Have you ever noticed how your ability to handle a situation is directly related to how many situations you are dealing with at one time?  One thing, no problem.  Two things, that's easy.  Twenty seven things...well the house of cards is on its way down fast.

Today I had a glorious collision of events which conspired to attack me all at the same time.  I started the day feeling productive and on top of my game. (That feeling was meant to lull me into a false sense of security.)  Then things unraveled fast.  I realized my carefully laid plan to meet deadlines was useless and I needed to do many things all at the same time.  My kids trashed the house I just cleaned and then a favorite toy was broken. Arrgghh!  Factor in the realization my Christmas crafts meant to be given as presents had a malfunction during the drying phase, and that I have to deliver graphics to the printer for another project by tonight and that I am so tired I can't see in a straight line and you have a Mommy Monster.

If anyone out there wants the Mommy of the Year award I want you to know you can't have it.  It belongs to me, muhaha...

So now that my Mommy Monster came out and I have drained all my stress into a numb exhaustion I am ready to pick up the pieces and move on.  If any of you reading this post happens to be a mental health professional, don't worry, I have this on the list of things to discuss with my therapist.

It is hard to be all things to all people and all projects.  I know I beat the "be good to yourself" drum a lot, but sometimes the events that get in your way are not of your making.  Annoying things happen all the time, most of them out of our control.  We had a wicked storm Monday night.  While it was neat to hear the wind thrashing, it was not neat at 2 am.  I had the privilege of starting the next day exhausted.  My kid was sick, also not on the schedule.  I had information come to my attention that needed to be dealt with immediatley. You get the idea.

So what do we do when we have things come at us from all sides?  How do we maintain our cool when faced with stress, mess and disobedience? I wish I had a brilliant suggestion here, but I don't.  One idea I do have is this:  I get the angriest when something comes up that disrupts my plans.  (Yep, that was me admitting I am selfish.  I didn't want anyone to miss that announcement.  I am sure my kids will love to print out this post and nail it to their doors as proof.)  When I have a plan of how to get things done, be it housework, business commitments, errands, whatever, I don't like it when forces act to change things.  I choose to be grumpy in a big way.

As an imperfect human I am going to have to work on this one.  My Mommy Monster needs a long trip to outer Mongolia to chill out.  (I might add that I need an equally long trip to the beach to chill myself.)  I will attempt to be more flexible and see the big picture.  I am sure in the long run that most stress, mess and disobedience isn't all that important.

In the mean time, if you see my Mommy Monster out and about, remind her to go home and chill out.  Thanks.

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