Friday, December 4, 2009

Cleaning the Baseboards of My Life

As stated many times this week, we are in the middle of house projects.  I know I already used up my fair share of philosophical blogs this week, but I have one more. (Good thing for you it is Friday and I have to stop the projects...)

Anyway, here is my deep thought for the day.

Today my assigned task was baseboards.  They were nasty, dirty and in dire need of paint.  In fact, most of the house needs a new coat of paint, but I digress.  I found the correct brushes, the soft squishy foam knee pads and my detail paint pan and started at it.  I painted baseboards for a few hours and realized I had miles left to do.

So tired, sore and with a serious wrist cramp from balancing my body at baseboard height I stood up to view the work.  I was amazed.  The entire area looked better.  I had not know how much the dirty baseboards reflected on the feel of the entire space.  I was a little giddy from my effort.

My baseboards are now clean, crisp and shiny.  I don't even notice the walls which really need paint too.  (Seriously, 2 kids and 6 years will shred paint.  I shudder to think how many coats it will take to make it look fresh.)  I am loving this feeling of cleanliness in my house.

This is now the part where I get deep.

I realized the details in my life are what dulls my overall outlook on things.  I am a talented woman.  (Yes,that was bragging.) I have accomplished many things and my life is good.  However, sometimes I don't feel bright and shiny. I feel dull and used.  I think the baseboards of my life need freshend up a bit.

As we all know, baseboards are at the bottom of the wall and they appear to the eye to be the foundation of everything.  They are small, but important.  I have started to wonder about the small but important things in my life I may be overlooking.  What have I neglected?  My baseboards have dirt and scuffs too.  How unsightly!

So it is time for me to get out my detail brush, strap on the fluffy knee pads and get to work.  The difference it can make will be huge.  I will evaluate the baseboards of my personality and see what needs spruced up.  I will clean out the cobwebs and dust and leave my life sparkling.  I can't wait to see the finished product.

Oh, by the way, if you have extra time and a steady hand, I have miles of baseboards yet to paint.  Come on over and we can be philosophical together.


  1. I don't even remember how I came to this site,(one reason I don't surf much) but I started reading and have enjoyed what I read. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Anonymous! It is good to know people enjoy my ramblings...