Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Endless List and the Couch Potato Approach

Some days are just long.  They drag and drag.  These days are usually full activities, but instead of making things speed up, the list of things to get done makes the day go on forever.

Today was one of those days.  We are in the middle of house repairs galore.  This was a planned activity and we have accomplished a ton, but I am now officially out of steam.  I would like to crawl into bed and sleep for a few weeks to make up for the long drawn out process of getting things done.

Here is the sad part.  I realized today the list of stuff to get done doesn't stop.  Right now I am doing house repair, after that I have to write the Christmas letter and finish a quilt. (You may remember this quilt from a previous blog...) Somewhere in there I need to catch up on my reading, bake some bread, finish my Christmas shopping, balance my budget, visit some friends, decorate my house, draft a new ad campaign for Prepared Binder and eat.  I add eat to the list because it is the thing I am most likely to forget.

When I had this realization today I was depressed.  I want to sit on my backside and do nothing for a while.  The problem with that plan is while I am sitting on my backside I would be thinking about everything that needs to get done, thus defeating the purpose. grrr

So I would like to exchange my personality for that of a couch potato.  I don't need the switch to be permanent, just long enough for me to clear my head, forget about what needs to get done and take a deep breath.  Maybe after 2-3 days I will be able to face the never ending list, or maybe not.

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