Friday, April 30, 2010

Should My Daily Routine Be Part of My Emergency Plan?

There is a lot that can be said about routines.  We all have them.  The way we get ready in the morning, the chair we sit in when we eat breakfast, the side of the sink we stack our dirty dishes, all of these things amount to routines.

When routines are disrupted we find ourselves with a sense of loss.  It may not be tangible, but there is the strange sensation that something is "off."

When looking at emergency preparation it is important to look at our routines.  When we are unable to do things as we normally do them, be it because of medical emergency, evacuation or loss of power/water, we feel a sense of discombobulation (in case you wondered, that is the technical term).

Having a plan to deal with a change in routine is an essential part of preparation for an emergency.  Activities to keep kids busy, information gathered to take the place of household resources and items such as cash to maintain services and supplies are all important parts of the plan.

As odd as it may feel, challenge yourself to be more aware of your daily routine.  You can start by figuring out how much gas you use in a week.  Figure out how often you go to the store.  Look at the services you use.  Determine how you can substitute for these things in an emergency.

Having that plan is place will help you feel more comfortable when your routine is disrupted.  As a person who has been without my normal routine for over a month, I promise it will help.

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