Friday, April 23, 2010

My Money Sucking House

I blogged a few weeks ago about new roofs Well we have one now.  It was an exciting and thrill chilling experience.  The chill came when I had to pay them.  Ouch!  The pain!

To add to the excitement the plumber came and fixed the water leak in the main line that same week.  You guessed it, another thrilling experience.  Then I ran into the kitchen counter and broke off the corner.  No really, you read that right.

So now my house needs the drywall repaired (water damage, thus new roof), new counters, a repaired irrigation system, new carpet, interior paint, new light fixtures and a detective to figure out why I have a sporadic beep coming from the kid's room.

We are hemorrhaging money.  It is falling out of our pockets and puddling on the floor.  It is making a mad dash out of our bank account and into the hands of every casual passerby.  It must stop.

So here is my plan.  I am going to saran wrap my house and keep it in a bubble until future notice.  We will not use any moving parts, such as doors, to keep them from wearing out.  I will not walk on the floors to save the carpet.  I will not allow any eating to preserve the remaining counter top. I will not turn on the lights so I don't notice the ugly brass fixtures on the walls.  I will let my plants die so I don't notice the leak in the irrigation.  (Who am I kidding, I will let the yard die so I can get polite letters from my association.) And lastly, I will turn on death metal so I don't hear the annoying beep coming from the kid's room.

That should fix the problems...don't you think?  Viola! Money is still in my pocket and I am left to enjoy my house, as long as I don't want to live in it.

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