Friday, April 16, 2010

Accepting Service

As the saying goes...It is better to give than receive.  When it comes to service, I would have to agree.  Accepting service can be hard...very hard.

As I have been slightly out of commission for the last few weeks I have been the recipient of lots of service.  I have had meals brought in, kids picked up and delivered, goodies baked and my kitchen cleaned...twice.   If I had pride before this started I wouldn't after having someone else clean my nasty kitchen.  (Good thing I don't have any pride.)

I will be forever grateful for the help I have received.  The meals have been wonderful and the help with the kids has been invaluable.  Having my kitchen cleaned was the moment I realized I really can't do everything myself. (You would of thought I would have figured that out when I knew I couldn't walk...)

Over the course of two weeks I had two different ladies clean up my kitchen.  As I watched them do it, knowing I really wasn't in any shape to be doing it myself, I realized how hard it is to let people do things for you when you feel like you "should" be able to do it yourself.  Giving up the control and pride is hard.  I am grateful they know me well enough to know I need the help.  I am also grateful they know me well enough to help even over the protests.

Accepting service graciously can be tough.  No one likes to help someone who feels entitled to the help.  I have found the people who have the hardest time accepting help are usually the ones who need it the most.  We probably all know someone who can "do it all."  Amazingly enough those people need help too.

Service is an amazing thing.  Giving service provides perspective to our own problems.  Accepting service reminds us to be humble.  I remember someone telling me years ago accepting service is not just about your own pride.  Allowing someone else to serve you is a way to help that person as well.  (At least that is what I was telling myself as I watched these two kind and wonderful ladies scrape old food off my bowls and plates.)

So give service and allow yourself to receive service on a regular basis.  Enjoy the perspective you get and be satisfied with the humility you develop.  While I hope you don't have to stay off your feet for a month to take this advice, I do know it is worth it.

P.S. To all the wonderful women who have helped me this last few weeks I want you to know how much I appreciate your service for me and my family.  I have loved the meals, I have appreciated the help with the kids and have cherished the moral support.  Thanks so much.


  1. I am one that has always had a hard time accepting help. I really don't know why, I guess that is just how I am wired! I do however love helping, crazy huh :) Thanks for the amazing insight. Happy Friday

  2. Thanks for the comment. At this point in the game I think almost everyone I know has seen me in my PJs, teeth unbrushed and hair sticking up. I'm glad I have set low expectations or they might have been scared for their lives while they were helping me. As it is I will be thanking people (including you) until the day I die. I can't imagine having to apologize for scaring them too.