Monday, April 12, 2010

Genealogy...I am Doing It

I love genealogy.  I enjoy the hunt and I enjoy the mystery.

To be a good genealogist you must have a lot of patience and be able to read old handwriting.  You must also have a good grasp of general world history, and all history specifically revolving around your family lineage.

When I can't get anywhere with my own family history I enjoy helping others attack theirs.  Right now I am looking at a pretty cool family.  They have such a rich and deep American history that it takes my breath away.  They mostly came from Ireland over the course of about 50 years.  They made their mark on the United States and even the world.  They went from poor immigrant to ambassadors in only a few generations.  They truly found the American Dream.

That being said, they were human.  They were grumpy and even a little mean.  They had lots of kids, they died in childbirth and they ran away from home. They had step parents and they lived on farms.  They were poor, and a few were wealthy.  They lived, they laughed, they loved, and they died...just like all of us and all of our families.

So what will generations from now know about you?  Will they read your journals, or just look over your Wikipedia entry?  Will you leave personal information, or just vital statistics?  What are you planning to leave for generations yet unborn?

I ask these questions because I am not sure myself.  My grandfather has a box of records dating back to 1945.  He has every purchase made and the price for over 20 years.  He wonders if anyone will care to see it, I realize it is a trove of information.

So I will put some thought into it.  I want to leave a exciting one.  What will you leave?

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