Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Red Couch Fashion Nightmare

I have a red couch.  Actually I have 3 of them.  Two match and are a little pretentious and the other is comfy and well loved.

I like each of these couches for different reasons.  They are nice to sit on, but they each have a story and a part of my life attached to them.  They are part of me.

I will spare you the gory details about how we found these couches, but rest assured there was a lot of thought involved with each purchase.  (Ahhh, the days pre-kids where there was disposable income.)

Today I realized why our grandmothers each have a couch that looks like a bad horror flick from the 1960's.  You have seen this has gold velor, avocado green piping and braided fringe.  You wonder what possessed her to own such a monstrosity, yet it seems so right in her living room next to her shag carpet (not the chic kind) and her lava lamp.

I realized today that I am on my way to becoming that style challenged grandma.  I may have over 20 years before it happens, but I am on the way.

Grandmas don't have ugly furniture because they hate pretty things, they have ugly furniture because it was stylish when they bought it and now it has memories attached to it.  (That and it was expensive, and really, who throws out a good couch anyway??)

I started thinking about all the family memories I have on my couches.  There are movie nights, good books, fancy company, parties, snuggles with the kids, family pictures...well you get the idea.  My couches represent who we are as a family.  They are where we relax, where we vent, where we spend time together and where we cuddle up to cry. They are part of us.

Now do you see why I am ramping up to be a scary grandma with frightening couches?  They may not be velor, but they will horrify my grand-kids...and I will love every minute of it.  Adding new memories to old couches will make them even more comfortable.

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