Friday, October 15, 2010

Frantic Friday #2 - The Crusade Against Visual Clutter

A while back I had a professional organizer come to my home and office to take a look around.  While my house was clean, she told me I had way too much visual clutter.  I was a little taken aback, the things in my house are the things I use and need ready at hand.

She patiently told me that we can tire ourselves out just by having too much to look at, and a room should not be so overwhelming to the eyes that we don't even want to go in there.

I started a crusade that very day to get rid of visual clutter.  While I can't tell you I have accomplished my mission yet, I am doing much better.  But a crusade against visual clutter can be an overwhelming task and Frantic Friday posts are really about one simple thing you can do to make your world a little calmer. So I am going to suggest one easy step.

Find one room and get rid of the visual clutter in that one space.  Pick a place you go to unwind, which for me was my bedroom. Get rid of piles and knickknacks.  Clear off surfaces such as dressers and nightstands.  Eliminate anything out of place and unwanted.  Create a visual space with not much to look at.

You may wonder if I am asking you to take down all your pictures and get rid of your granddaughter's artwork taped to the wall. My answer is that it really depends.  If your artwork is hung in a visually calming manner, as in straight, with coordinating frames, and grouped in logical patterns, then my all means leave it.  If it is haphazard, not well thought out and a little overwhelming to look at, then I suggest you thin it out.

Once you have cleared up the space, make the bed, put away the dirty clothes, dust, vacuum and open the blinds.  I know the space may feel a little bare, but give it a few days.  You will realize how calm you feel when there isn't much to look at.  I find myself heading to my room when I feel overwhelmed and need a little peace.

As a fringe benefit, I find myself resistant to buying decorating items for my home.  Unless I have a specific need for matching picture frames or such, I don't want to add to the visual clutter of my house. This means I save money...and that is always a nice thing!

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