Monday, July 12, 2010

Motivational Monday #10 - Change is Good, Just Ask Mother Earth

Have you ever noticed how exciting summer can be?  The first few days of sun and freedom are nothing short of intoxicating. Visions of beach, sun, wind, and relaxation are balm to the tired and overworked soul.

Then reality hits.  Even if days at the beach are in your future it won't take you long to remember every beach comes with sand...and sand gets everywhere!

By mid July I have already hit a wall.  I am ready for the heat to be gone. (It has been hovering around a lovely 115 for weeks now.) I want cool breezes, crisp mornings and hot chocolate.

Did I hear a gasp??? I know most of the country had a cold winter and is excited for the change of season, and there my friends is it, we don't really care about summer, we just want change.

So what change do you need right now?  As this is a Motivational Monday blog I wanted to motivate you to find something in your life that needs change.  I can't control the weather, but I can take control of what I do with my life.

Sit down and think about the things you are tired of.  Maybe laundry is on your list, or maybe toilets.  While you can't make those things go away, you can change how you tackle them.  Is blaring music the answer?  Maybe a new routine or a friend on the phone while you make it happen.  Find a solution and make it work.

Someday you will get bored with this new solution and you can change it all again.  Hey, why else would the seasons change?  Mother Earth gets bored too.

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