Monday, July 26, 2010

Motivational Monday #12 - Waiting for the Storm

Have you ever seen the clouds roll in, the wind start to pick up and the animals scurry?  When I do, I know a storm is coming.  I check to make sure the windows are closed, the toys are off the porch and the house is secure.  Then I wait.

I love a good storm.  I love it when the wind howls and the heavens dump.  It is cleansing and refreshing.

What I hate is to be teased.  I hate it when I see the sky darken, the wind pick up and the animals scurry...and then nothing happens.  Part of me feels robbed.

Not only have I wasted energy preparing, I miss out on the great show of force by Mother Nature. It just doesn't seem right or fair.

The question is: Do I prepare every time I think a storm is coming?  The answer of course is yes.  I always check the house, I always check the porch and I always close the windows.  There is no excuse for being caught unprepared.

So why is it when we see the signs of economic downturn, of agricultural disruption and even labor unrest, we do nothing?  Why are we casually watching at our open window while the clouds gather all around?

Preparation is not always needed.  The storm sometimes passes.  However sometimes it doesn't.

Being ready for changes, storms and emergencies is not difficult, just time consuming.  I know it can be tempting to pass on it "just this once."  After the storm hits hard and fast will you feel the same?

I doubt get prepared, every time you see something brewing on the horizon.  Protect your home, protect your family and protect your hard work. You will be glad you did.

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