Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All Good Things Come to Those Who Prepare

Last night I took a deep breath, rolled up my sleeves and sliced a metric ton of strawberries.  Summer strawberries are the best, but I have noticed a strange phenomena, namely if the strawberries are whole, no one will eat them.  If I slice them, they are eaten rapidly.  Same strawberries, so why the difference?  In a word, preparation.

I think many of us are lazy at heart.  We see something good, but if it isn't ready for us we just walk away.  The extra work of getting it ready somehow out weighs the benefits of the reward.

I think this concept is relevant in other areas of our lives too. If the laundry is sorted we can start a load, but if it needs to be sorted we can let it sit.  If the trash has been collected we can take it outside, but if we have to go get it we would rather leave it be.

Taking the time for an extra step sometimes is more than we are willing to do.  The sad part is that this "other step" may be the difference between us enjoying a reward and missing out completely.  How unfortunate.

I think emergency preparation is very much the same.  We know about it, we value it, and we want to take advantage of it, but there are too many steps involved before we are rewarded. We would rather let the strawberries rot than slice them because it is just one more thing.  When it comes down to it, I like strawberries enough to put in the work.

I am guessing you want to be prepared enough to put in the time.  In fact you probably have done many things in your life to move you towards emergency preparation. You may have learned survival skills.  You may have taken training for first aid.  You might even have become a first responder in case of emergency.

Chances are you are still missing something. Maybe you don't have all the equipment you want to own.  Maybe you haven't learned a skill you need, or maybe you haven't prepared your paperwork.

Anyway you slice it, you are denying yourself the strawberries just so you don't have to prep them.  How very human of you.

So here is your challenge, figure out what your excuse it and get over it.  Continue on your path to emergency preparation and accomplish something.  The reward will outweigh the prep...I promise.


  1. Lisa Marie RossonJuly 21, 2010 at 10:28 AM

    I just sliced a ton of strawberries last night for that exact same reason: a huge carton from Costco is only a good deal if we eat them. If they rot, I will have wished I made them more accessible to begin with.

  2. Where do you think I got my strawberries? Yum.