Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I like excuses.  They are a catch all for why I can't, don't want to, or flat out won't do something.  The truth can be ugly.  Excuses are so much more creative. (Anyone try the "My dog ate my homework" ploy?)

Things like, "I can't, I'm way too busy," really translate into "This is not a priority, so I won't." Ouch! That could hurt, better to go with the excuse.

Have you noticed we use excuses when we don't want to hurt other people's feelings?  Somehow lying is better than honesty...sad but true.

Have you ever tried to be honest with someone and it backfired?  I'm sure that was the moment you learned "tact," a polite way of telling people what they don't want to hear.

Society frowns on being tactless, yet we are supposed to speak our minds.  hmmm, that can be hard.

Here is the real triumph, when we make excuses to ourselves.  Does that actually work?  Well it must, because I have given myself such fabulous excuses that I have talked myself out of exercising, dieting, taking classes, finishing projects and a myriad of other noble pursuits.  Apparently I am so good at excuses I can even fool myself.

So what excuses do you have for being unprepared for emergencies?  I am curious.  I know what mine are, but I wonder what other people tell themselves.

The hardest part about giving yourself excuses is that you know the real reason, you just ignore it. Drat! I hate it when I lie to think I would treat myself better.  Oh, well, I must be tired, or stressed, or distracted, or...what was my excuse again?

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