Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Whipping Wind

Have you ever sat inside your home and listened to the wind howl?  I am not referring to a small gust of wind, but the distinct sound of wind whipping past your home, trees bending and structures groaning.

It has been very windy here for a few days.  Every tree in my yard has been stripped of weak leaves and every piece of trash in the neighborhood is somewhere in the mountains by now.  The wind caused neighbor's trees to snap, patio furniture to relocate and children's toys to scatter. It was an intense wind storm.

As I sat in my house I realized the sound of wind can do two things.  It will either cause you to worry, wondering about your home and damage, or it will cause you to relax because you know you are safe inside.

A few months ago I would have been worried.  I knew my roof was damaged and any wind could have make it worse and left us exposed.  Now I know my roof is solid and my home is secure.

The difference in feeling is intense.  I have looked around my home and known we were safe from the storm.

Feeling safe from the storms around us is an important part of emergency preparedness.  That is really why we do all of the things we do to prepare.

I know some people who think they will deal with it when the time comes.  You can not fix a roof in a wind storm, you can not gather food in a shortage and you can not save for a rainy day when it is pouring.  Preparation is all about doing now what you may not be able to do later.

I suggest you pick an area in your life you would like to feel secure about.  It could be your home, it could be your food supply, it could be your paperwork and documentation or it could be your skill set.  Whatever it is that you aren't completely comfortable with, now is the time to change it.

While the wind has calmed at my house I am not afraid of the next storm.  I look forward to the chance to sit on my couch and enjoy the sounds of nature instead of fearing the destruction in my life.  Preparation is good...oh so good.


  1. Hi Laura
    I love this metaphor. I'm preparing a presentation on emotional resilience for school leadership in the UK. I came across your blog because I was looking for a picture that illustrates bend or break. Would you mind if I used your tree illustration in my slides, please?

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

      The graphic was taken from free clip art, so that is no problem. If you are referring to the story, well, then feel free to use that as well. I always love being a foot note! Who knew my wind would blow all the way to the UK?

      Enjoy! - Laura