Monday, May 10, 2010

Motivational Monday #2 - Upcoming Vacations - A Time To Prepare

I know it is early May, but vacation time is just around the corner.  Hopefully each and every one of you will have a little "away" time...even if it is only a mental break from the ordinary.

Vacations, while usually fun, come with their own challenges.  Their are bags to pack, items to get ready and schedules to shift.  If you are planning to travel there are also documents to gather.  Depending on where you are going this may mean getting your passport out and dusted off, or maybe just finding your birth certificate and driver's license.  Either way, this may take some time.

Use the time between now and your scheduled departure to collect the documents you will  need including passports, birth certificates, maps, attraction information and packing lists.  Doing this slowly and while you have the time will eliminate stress down the road, and who wants stress during a vacation?

P.S. Now that I have given you vacation advice I need to live vicariously through your vacation plans.  Let me know where you are going so I can celebrate your intended fun.

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