Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who Should Use Prepared Binder - Home Edition?

Yesterday I blogged about the contents of Prepared Binder - Home Edition as I am consistently getting requests for more information.  Today I would like to talk about who should use Prepared Binder - Home Edition.

Singles, newly married couples, young families with children, empty nesters and retirees all need the information in Prepared Binder - Home Edition organized and ready to use.

My sister is an amazingly accomplished person.  She has a good job, a nice home and a side business.  She has a car and other personal property with only her name on the titles.  She also has a complex medical history and is single.  Why do I mention her being single?  The answer is very important.  If anything were to happen to my sister, be it a serious car accident, an unexpected illness or death, no one but my sister knows where everything is.

No one in the family knows where her investment accounts are held, who has her mortgage or how her business is set up.  In order for us to help her or to close down her estate we would need to have information about her life that wouldn't be appropriate for her to share right now.  When she filled out her copy of Prepared Binder - Home Edition she made sure to tell me where it was.  I have a lot of peace knowing I can follow behind her and have all the information I need.

Young couples sometimes struggle with planning for the future.  If they have just gotten married they are not likely to discuss things like serious illness and death.  Good grief, most newlyweds are still invincible!  Giving Prepared Binder - Home Edition as a gift is a great way to start the conversations they need to have.  When filling out the forms they will need to think through their future plans and coordinate their wishes.  Nothing starts a marriage out better than good communication, especially with finances. Prepared Binder can help.

Young families can often be overwhelmed with kids, jobs and the details of getting through the day.  Unfortunately this is also the age of accumulation.  Finances are improving, purchases are being made and lives are getting more complicated from a documentation standpoint.  Young parents start to buy insurance policies, have wills or trusts drawn up and make long term financial plans.  All of these things are exciting and expected, but very often none of it is documented.  Young couples still believe death is a long way off and no one wants to assume an emergency is right around the corner.  Using Prepared Binder - Home Edition will help these families prepared for life's unexpected events.

Empty nesters have raised their children and are getting used to having their personal lives back.  They are often at a time in their life where priorities are changing again.  They may be looking forward to retirement and grandchildren.  Their home may be paid off and they may be looking at a vacation home or other toys.  The exciting part is they have usually reached a level of financial security they never had before, the bad news is they no longer have family members as intimately involved with their lives.  If there was an illness or emergency grown children are less likely to know any current details.  In fact a friend of mine who is a nurse practitioner for elder care said that most grown children have no idea what their parents medical histories are or what doctors they go to.  Prepared Binder - Home Edition really helps those families care for their loved ones by giving them the information they need.

When you get to the age of retirement and beyond things have changed again.  You may have a lot more free time, but the likelihood you will lose a spouse is high.  End of life decisions become less of an abstract idea and more of an urgent task.  There needs to be a plan for personal possessions and investments.  Estate planning is a big concern with many seniors.  Filling out Prepared Binder - Home Edition can be a great asset when going through the process of estate planning and making funeral arrangements.

These are just some of the situations Prepared Binder - Home Edition can come in handy.  It is also important to remember emergency situations such as accidents and evacuations which require organized documentation ready to go at a moment's notice.

So may people need Prepared Binder - Home Edition.  It makes a great gift and an amazing opportunity to organize your life.  Let me know if you have any questions.  I would be happy to chat more!

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