Thursday, October 29, 2009

What Are Your Priorities?

After two really long blogs I thought it was time for something short and sweet so today I would like to talk about priorities.

Many people spend the time to write out what their priorities are.  They think about it, they discuss it, and then they write it down.  The sad part is they spend their time elsewhere.  Priorities are not defined by what you write down.  They are defined by your actions and time.

If you are at work 80 hours a week it does not matter what you say, work is a priority to you.  If you read all afternoon, it is a priority. If you spend an hour on your hair, it is a priority.

I'm not passing judgment on the above list. I just want to point out the obvious.  So spend some time this week to figure out what your use of time says about your priorities.  If you are shocked then maybe it is time for a change.

If you live your life honoring your priorities you will feel more success and achievement.  If you don't you may look back on the years and wonder what happened.

Just a thought.


  1. As I suspected, my kids are my priority. I spend lots of time helping the school and spending any available time with them! Next, must be laundry... lets not go there about the time spent on that one:)

  2. Laundry is an evil I can't get away from either. It haunts my dreams. I'm glad your kids still rank higher, it would be a shame if the evils of laundry won out!