Friday, October 23, 2009

Do I Have It All?

Over the last two days we have talked about Having It All. (See Day 1 and Day 2) We have talked about the need in society to Have It All and we have talked about what Having It All is not. Now we need to talk about what it is.

I have mentioned a few things I think Having It All includes.
  1. Having It All is a daily perspective and not an accumulation of status and accomplishments.
  2. Having it All requires wanting what you have, not just having what you want.
  3. Having It All means knowing you are okay with who you are and where your life is.

Please don't confuse the above list with complacency or lack of motivation. Just because you are happy with where you are does not mean you need to stop growing and changing. Being happy with who you are is just an acceptance that where you are today is okay, and where you are tomorrow will be okay too.

I have known many people I would categorize as Having It All. They come from different backgrounds, have different incomes and different skill sets. They are different ages, have different accomplishments and work on different goals. What they have in common is an inner peace with where they are in the world and where they are going.

The media's outlook on Having It All focuses on external things, things like awards, status, material possessions, and power as the yardsticks for success. The ironic thing is that even television doesn't portray these people as being happy or content with their lives. How can you Have It All if “All” doesn't include peace and happiness?

So I would suggest we all determine what our “All” is. Is it our family? Is it our contribution to the world? What brings us peace? Many of us will not feel at peace right now, things will be undone or unsaid. Work on finding the peace you need to appreciate where you are before you try to add more.

Look at your life. Find the things you can already be happy about, the things than help you be content. Identify the thing you would like to improve. Cut out the things which don't meet your goals.

When you reach the point you are content with who you are and confident in your actions you will Have It All. You don't need the fame, the toys, or the status, as those are things others give you. You need the assurance you are right where you need to be right now and you are working on being in the right place tomorrow.

So go forth and Have It All!

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