Monday, October 19, 2009

The West Inn and Suites - An Amazing Experience With My Kids

There are times you run across a business which does such a good job you want to shout it out and tell the world.  I had one such experience this weekend.  As I mentioned Friday I had the chance to take the kids to the beach over the weekend.  We drove in on Friday and left Sunday afternoon.  I chose a hotel based on a recommendation from another full hotel.  I looked at their web site, it looked nice, the rates were good and I went for it.
WOW! It was amazing.  Located in Carlsbad, California, a few minutes from Tamarack beach and about 5 from Legoland, the West Inn and Suites was great.  When I called to make the reservation personally (You can do it online.) I was impressed by how friendly and helpful they were.  Upon check in they were fast and friendly.  My kids were already covered in sand, as we had stopped at the beach on the way to the hotel.  When I mentioned our sandy state and that I was a little embarrassed to bring my kids into their beautiful lobby with wood floors and grand staircase they offered an outdoor foot shower, but chuckled and said they were a hotel next tot he beach, so they were used to it.

The room was amazing.  We reserved the Double King Suite, which had 2 king sized beds and a living room with a queen pullout couch.  The bathroom was nicer than what I have at home and all the little details were apparent throughout the entire space.  The beds had a mountain of fluffy bedding, there was a seating area next to the windows that actually opened, there were 2 TV sets, one in the bed area and one in the living room.  As a side note, the windows were not just doubled paned, there were 2 windows. Yep you heard me right, there were 2 windows in the same window frame.  It made the road noise non-existent.

Breakfast is included and we had eggs, bacon or sausage and french toast or waffles, depending on the morning.  There was also a large selection of cereals, yogurt, bagels, muffins, toast, fruit and juices to enjoy buffet style.  It was all yummy!

The details were nice, but it was the staff which made the stay.  The same people were at the desk 3 days in a row. They smiled and were friendly, but not in a "I am being paid to be nice to you" sort of way.  They seemed happy to be there and interacting with the guests.  When we were heading out to the beach on the second day they gave us beach toys for the kids to use and offered chairs and umbrellas if we needed them.  (Can I tell you how nice it was to not have to buy/pack sandy beach toys!!!)  They acted as if we were staying with them as friends, not paying customers.

At bedtime, between 8-9 pm there were freshly baked cookies and milk in the lobby for all to enjoy. One of the ladies at the desk baked them herself.  What a nice touch for the kids (and adults) before bed.  While munching on cookies I saw a gentleman coming out of their family room style breakfast area carrying a board game to play with his family.  The hotel has a take one - leave one library as well as games to play, big overstuffed couches and game tables.  It creates a cozy atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.

So why have I written this review style blog today?  It is not something I plan to do often, but as a business owner I can appreciate the effort it takes to create a client friendly environment with great customer service.  Ryan at the desk was very friendly and accommodating with my kids.  I never felt I was imposing when I had questions or requests.

The West Inn and Suites is considered a boutique hotel, as it is independent and not owned by a parent company.  The people there have a vested interest in its success.  It has been open about 3 years and has under 90 rooms in 5 different styles.  If you ever have the need to stay near Carlsbad, California I would strongly suggest you stay at the West.  Its beautiful building, lovely location, top notch staff and amazing attention to detail on the property and with the guests was a welcome change from the run of the mill and run down hotels I have stayed at before.

I know I have ranted a bit here, but I love passing on great businesses and great service.  Enjoy your next stay in Carlsbad, and have a warm cookie for me!  Happy Vacationing...

P.S. If you want to read about my "Hotel Smile" theory, check out this old blog post.  I can promise I had a smile on my face the whole time I was at the West.

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