Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I prefer cuddly puppies over kittens, juicy steak over chicken, swimming pools over ski resorts and capris over shorts.  (I know you were dying to know that.)

We all have preferences in life, and they usually make no sense to anyone but us.  Depending on our personalities, we may be very attached to our preferences...or not.  For some of us, things must be exactly as desired, while for others, well, it doesn't really matter.  (Just for the record, I am a "my way or the highway" kind of gal.)

When it comes to preparation, preferences do matter.  Some things obviously require a preference, for example, when completing memorial plans, knowing if you prefer burial or cremation is vital.  Other things may not be as important, like the color tent you have or the size of your binoculars.

While staying true to your preferences will ease a lot of stress down the road, it is important to remember that not all things can go according to plan.  Not all emergencies will happen on the preferred day, most interruption will not be scheduled, and the likelihood you will be given the option to decide which medial emergency to have is slim.  When these things happen many preferences go out the window and getting through the situation as quickly as possible becomes the driving factor.

So, is it possible to maintain some semblance of dignity when chaos is all around you?  Is there a way to etch out a little space to do things "your way" when all manner of nastiness hits the fan?  Of course, but it will likely be the small things you have control over. 

Having your preferences prepared ahead of time will give you back the smallest feeling of control in an emergency.  Things like stocking your glove box with a favorite brand of pen, (I admit I do have a favorite pen in the car, but for the record I would use anything that was handed to me.) keeping favorite snacks in your purse, maintaining a list of people you know your kids will enjoy spending time with, and knowing which hospitals your personal doctor has privileges at will keep your preferences available.

Let's face it, we all like to do things the way we want them.  We enjoy the feeling of "rightness" that comes along with having our preferences recognized.  With that said, the next time I have an emergency, I really hope I am given the chance to cuddle with a puppy, eat steak and lay by the pool in my capri pants. I imagine any emergency I had to deal with would go much smoother.

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