Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Remembering a Life

Every so often we are given the chance to remember a life.  Usually that opprotunity is given upon death when emotions are raw and feelings are more intense.

This week I have been given the chance to remember a life, and I wanted to share with you what I learned.
  1. Regrets can last a long time. Decisions are made and forgotten every day of our lives.  Some decisions are more important than others, and some decisions, while simple, may have lasting effects. When things do not turn out the way we envisioned we may have regrets, and those regrets can take on a life of their own. Don't let regrets steal your happiness.
  2. Everyone shows love in their own way. I have heard it said that we show love in the same way we wish to be loved.  If that is true, everything from a warm cooked meal to unsolicited advice can be considered love. Accepting love from those around us can be hard, but worth it.
  3. It is important to live life when given the chance.  Often we put off until tomorrow what we can not envision ourselves doing today.  Dreams are put on hold, what ifs are given excessive weight and stagnation becomes the rule. We may not have as many tomorrows as we thought.
  4. Change is constant. In one lifetime so many things change. Technology advances, laws are rewritten and discoveries are made.  Holding onto the past can have its benefits and its drawbacks.  While things may seem simpler in years gone by, the future holds many exciting prospects. A death grip on the past will make it harder to embrace the future.
  5. Good people come in all shapes and sizes.  What makes a person good cannot be defined by one action or one moment. Good people can do crazy things. Good people can be annoying, frustrating and disagreeable. Good people can also be well intentioned, heartfelt and sincere. Sometimes good people are not recognized in the moment, but everyone has the potential to be "good people."
I am sure I could find many more lessons as I remember the life of my grandfather.  I know I could think of hundreds of funny stories, and dozens of tender moments.  I doubt I will ever fully comprehend the effect he has had on my life, but I am grateful for his love and guidance.  I will always cherish my time with him, and will miss him now that he is gone. While he may have been a stubborn old man, he was the best stubborn old man a girl could ask for in a grandfather.

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