Monday, March 21, 2011

Motivational Monday # 37 - Monkeys Throwing Poo

Today I had an argument with my son. It was not an earth shattering fight, just the time honored morning brouhaha. I told him to get out of bed and he didn't do it. Then I got him out of bed and he climbed back in. We did this for half an hour and by the time I got him out the door I was frustrated, tired and angry. Trying to explain to my husband how I felt, I not so calmly explained that I felt like a monkey throwing poo. (He laughed out loud and said I needed to write a blog with that title, so here it is...)

If you ever have the opportunity to watch the monkeys at the zoo long enough, you may just see them pick up some poo and throw it. I'm sure scientists have figured out exactly why this happens, but I have always thought the monkeys found a perfect way to express themselves. Some days I would like nothing more than to throw some poo and be done with it!

Then again, throwing poo doesn't really accomplish anything other than making a mess.  I have it on pretty good authority that it won't solve any problems, resolve any issues, or better any situations. At the end of the day, it is just poo.

So why is it that some days our actions can be boiled down to throwing poo?  These are the days that are full body contact craziness.  We start the day running and struggling for everything we try to do, and nothing works the way we expect.  To make matters worse, we end up arguing with someone and nothing gets accomplished there either.  Why is it we have days where we feel the need to act like monkeys?

Here is where I say, "Who knows?"  I wish I had profound insight, but as my morning (and the remainder of the day if truth be told) clearly shows, I end up acting like a monkey myself. Even though I have no idea how I arrive at this behavior, I seem to be talented getting there.

I thought about giving a few tips on how to avoid your inner monkey, but I just don't have anything witty or clever to say...  Suffice it to say I am working to contain my monkey traits.  Who knows, next week I may just be a baboon!

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