Monday, June 21, 2010

Motivational Monday #8 - Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

How often do you look at yourself and think..."Gee, I am squarely stuck in my comfort zone and I should do something about that?"

Chances are, that almost never happens.  Chances are, that you only notice you were in a comfort zone when you get forced out of it.  Chances are you aren't happy about it for a while.

I am about to get rocket launched out of my comfort zone.  You may actually see sparks flying off my body as I am launched into the atmosphere.  I have to admit I am a little nervous.  I am down right freaked about some of it.

But I realize something. In a short period of time, this new thing will be my new comfort zone.  It will have expanded my experience base, broadened my knowledge, and created a more confident woman.

So take a look around.  Are you relaxing in your comfort zone or are you stretching yourself?  Do you see growth?  Do something about it.  One year from now you will be one year older.  Will your older self be exactly the same with a few more wrinkles, or will you be a better person with more experience?

You can do it...and you will be amazing.  I promise.

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