Friday, June 18, 2010

All is Well

Some days things go right, other days they do not.  Unfortunately we don't get a memo every morning with our Froot Loops to tell us what kind of day we are going to have.  It would be nice if we did, but we don't.

Some days it is easier to deal with things going wrong than it is on other days.  Some days it is easier to smile and chug along than others.  Whether we are happy and smiling or grumpy and frowning, the day will continue.  Mother Nature does not set the clock on our convenience.  (Just one more thing I think should be changed...)

Anyway, I was thinking about the phrase, "All is Well."  I noticed the phrase is not, "All is Perfect," or "All is Going According to My Fondest Desires."  All is aptly describes the state of being at peace with what is going on.

I hope today is kind to you, but even if it isn't, I hope you can look around and honestly say, "All is Well."

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