Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Steps 1 and 2 - Soul Searching Your Way To a Better Goal

Setting goals at the beginning of each New Year is a time honored tradition.  I'm not sure why January 1 is any different than December 31, but I don't know anybody who schedules their resolutions on the 31st.

Yesterday I talked about setting goals I talked about the differences between resolutions and goals and the specifics behind setting a goal.  Today I want to talk a little bit more about the details of goal setting. In particular I want to talk about figuring out what you want to change and why.

Everyone has something that bothers them. If I started to tell you my list you would either roll your eyes or laugh out loud.  My pet peeves are a little odd, just like me.  One thing I do have in common with most of you is clutter, and today I am going to talk about clutter.

Clutter is the name given to the evil odds and ends which congregate around your house and take up space.  Some clutter is important, most is not.  Clutter is usually just important enough not to throw away, but not important enough to have a place it belongs.  In reality most piles of clutter could be tossed in the trash except for the one important item buried somewhere in the middle of the pile.

Organization is at the top of many resolution lists next to dieting and exercise.  The problem is people make it a wish and not a goal.  "I wish I was more organized" does not actually make your clutter disappear.

If you have identified clutter removal or organization as your goal, (and who hasn't at least once in their life?) I suggest you be a little more specific.  Is there one room, or one type of clutter you want to eliminate?  Figure out exactly what you want to change.  While you may be tempted to take on the whole house, don't.  I mean it, don't.  Start with one pile or one drawer.

Before starting this goal, determine why you want the change.  This is an important step most people forget.  You must know why the change is needed or wanted.  Have you ever started a diet and a few weeks in you wonder why it is you aren't eating that nummy slice of cake? If you don't know why you are making a change you will not succeed, and why should you if there is no point?

If clutter is your goal I would suggest pinpointing the problems the clutter creates, the feelings you have about clutter and the reason the clutter exists.  I know soul searching may not have been on the New Year's resolution list, but it is a very important part of the process.  You wouldn't have clutter if you didn't get something out of it.  What is that something?

Once you figure it out you will be on to the next phases of goal making, and guess what, we will talk more about that tomorrow. Until then, start the soul searching, it will help you define a better goal...I promise.

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