Tuesday, January 26, 2010

100 Blogs and Counting

Guess what?  This is it, the 100th episode of my blog.  By this time you are either stunned by my brilliant sense of humor or bewildered at the topics I choose to discuss.  I admit it could be both...

As I look back on this rather short period of time, I mean I only started this last fall, I realize I have enjoyed the process.  I also realize it has been a lot of hard work.

I started this blog to tell you about my product, Prepared Binder - Home Edition.  I still hope you check it out, even buy a copy or two.

Now my focus has changed a little.  I enjoy giving insights into my crazy life and my eccentric set of skills, but more importantly I enjoy letting people know they are not alone when they do crazy things or get angry, or catch themselves in awkward situations.  While being prepared is still my main focus, it is also just a part of who we are.

I am am mom, an entrepreneur, a wife, a volunteer, a crazy woman, a daughter, a sister, a short order cook, a taxi driver, an engineer, an appliance repairman, a plumbing expert, a quilter, a mess maker, an organizational nut, a project starter, a not always project finisher...well the list is pretty long.

Bringing who I am to this blog has been fun.  (I promise my therapist enjoys the fruits of my labors as well.)  My hope is that reading my slightly neurotic comments will help you feel quite normal.  When you are overwhelmed by life you will know you are not alone.  When you dig yourself into a hole you will know I am in the same hole, but I likely have a bigger shovel.

As I head into my next 100 blogs I want you to know I will strive to be just as crazy, just as funny and just as random as I have been to this point.  I may mix some serious stuff in with my bizarre observations on life, but seriousness is a part of all of this, isn't it?

Anyway, thanks for being around to read my blog.  I watch the numbers daily and I know that at least one person out there reads my thoughts daily.  Thanks...and I hope to hear from you soon!

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